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September 28, 2019

The Talk of the Street is a weekly podcast hosted by husband and wife team, Gavin and Helen Broom, where they recap that week's episodes of the popular and long-running UK Soap Opera, Coronation Street.

Gavin is the Scottish one. Gavin has been watching Coronation Street on and off since the 1980s and after migrating to the US in 2012 has picked it back up thanks to the Britbox streaming service.

Helen is the American one. Helen is much newer to the show, mainly thanks to watching over Gavin's shoulder while she does other things.

The podcast was started in May 2018 when they were both very busy with their various commitments, primarily as a way for them to get some time to talk to each other.

Both published writers, you can find their work on the internet and in print, Helen using the pen name Helen R Peterson. Helen's book of poetry, Melons and Memory, can be found on Amazon, as can Gavin's book of short fiction, A Documentary About Sharks. Gavin's debut novel, The Scottish Book of the Dead, was published in 2018.

At time of writing, they are still waiting to hear from MeUndies, and they suspect they are the only Michigan-based Coronation Street podcast.

Check out the other podcasts in our little network. Most recently, in The List of Lists, Helen and Gavin work their way through Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time and catch up on recent TV & Film releases. Gavin also co-hosts SpongeBob SquareCast, a SpongeBob SquarePants podcast, with his 13-year-old step-daughter, Stelly. Hosted by Helen, Poetry in the Bar is a monthly poetry podcast with feature readers and a regular open mic. Currently on hiatus, Helen and Gavin also host the Common Language podcast, where they investigate differences and similarities between the US and the UK. 

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