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November 21, 2020

Here's a list of The Talk of the Street other stuff that may interest you.

Ko-fi: If you like our podcast and want to show your appreciation, we like coffee! $5 will get us approx 24oz each of top-quality gas station joe, and get you our eternal gratitude, or at least gratitude until the coffee runs out.

Merch: You can browse and buy quality merch through Teespring which will support the podcast's overheads, especially the buying bit. Check back regularly as we add new gear whenever something vaguely amusing presents itself to us.

YouTube Channel: If listening to the podcast isn't enough, you can now listen to the podcast while looking at a mostly static image on YouTube. Feel free to Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with new episodes, special Classic Corrie SuperbCuts, and more recently, Gavin's ramblings about 1980s UK TV.

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