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April 16, 2022

April 15, 2022 - The Geronimo Contract

Ahead of planning the funerals of both her parents, Kelly gets a call to let her know she’s due to inherit a small fortune from Rick the Chin’s estate. Daisy isn’t looking for things to worry about as Daniel and Nicky are thrown together to organize a school trip to Edinburgh, while a recently single Mrs Crawshaw is on the prowl. Sam finds himself discombobulated when Jalena comes over to Nina’s Rolls for a chess date. Sarah decides to throw the cat amongst the pigeons by offering a bonus to the sales rep who brings in the most new business, but while Faye and Michael compete, they take their eyes off an unlikely champion. Summer’s lengthy revision sessions worry Billy and he calls on assistance from Amy who makes a troubling discovery. Faye and Craig decide to try to have another baby and then change their minds. Imran suspects that Abi is back on the muck so makes a shocking proposal to Toyah regarding the long-term care for Alfie. Roy buys cider. Tommy can belch the alphabet. Maria’s insta game is on point.

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