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August 28, 2021

August 27, 2021 - Some Arachnid Pied Piper

Maria discovers the root of Liam’s tickly cough and thanks to a speculating doctor at the hospital, Kirk’s work van is in for a bit of a going over with a metal bar. Feeling guilty about his moment with Fiz last week, Tyrone doubles down with Alina but worries that Emma may have overheard too much. Daisy attempts to make amends by coaxing Jenny into moving on with her life and into Ronnie’s bed. Michael finally comes clean with Grace about his feelings with predictable results. There’s a blast from the past lurking at the back of the funeral parlor’s stock room that shocks Todd to his core and may open old wounds for Eileen. With Kelly’s Defense Funds dwindling away, a sudden windfall helps Imran pay for the expert advice that might just get his client off the hook. Abi shouts at Chesney about chips. Gary’s van isn’t powered by fairy dust. Toyah’s donuts are sprinkled.

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