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December 18, 2021

December 17, 2021 - Designated Liver

Sally’s dismissive approach to Maria’s political ambitions comes back to bite her. The stress of the situation with Daniel manifests itself as the makings of an eating disorder for Summer who hastily regrets ordering the dirty burger at the Bistro. Zeedan feels like he’s on easy street as it appears the insurance is going to blame Dead Hashim for the Speed Daal fire and payout in full when a figure from his past arrives unannounced. Sarah thinks it’s bad enough that Adam put it around a bit when he was at uni and her mood does not improve when she learns that her new BFF, Lydia, also studied at Edinburgh. Yet another road traffic accident forces Audrey to get her eyes tested while David’s homeschooling of Max frustrates everyone. A coughing Homeless Stu is rumbled at Trim Up North so Kelly is determined to find someone else who can help him get well. Emma is shocked to discover that Curtis has forgotten to take his meds with him to the Three Peak Challenge, which leads her to make an even more shocking extra discovery. Ken gets wired into the tequila. Mary’s clipboard is massive. Clint sells Mechanical Baby Jesuses.

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