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December 4, 2021

December 3, 2021 - Rhubarb Puff

Daniel’s pomposity proves to be a massive stumbling block in his relationship with Daisy but is an oddly attractive quality for Summer. Grace sells her new sofa to Bernie which eventually leads to question marks over the quality of care she provides to Glory. Emma and Curtis’s wedding plans come together while his specialist appointment shines a somewhat expected light on the true nature of his condition. Kelly does a helpful turn for a good friend and lands a job sweeping up hair at the barber’s thanks to Maria and Gary. Fiz meets Phill’s mum, Mimi, and her aggressive wee dog and there’s instant tension when it comes to Phill’s birthday arrangements. Zeedan’s woeful attempts at laundering his way out of debt attract the attention of Ryan, which turns out to be the least of his troubles. Nina phones South America. Ashley’s jacket has a massive collar. Homeless Stu’s cough isn’t getting better.

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