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July 2, 2021

July 2, 2021 - Dollywood?!?

Daisy is out for revenge but her thievery of Sean’s shifts will ultimately result in Kirk moaning about being hungry. Much to James’s delight, Danny is back in town but their one-night performance is caught by lads with camera phones. Nick, David, Sarah, and Audrey all treat Gail appallingly, which is par for the course, and it’s down to Sam to come to her rescue. Alya and Ryan are still a thing, but for how long is anyone’s guess as she insists he starts pulling his weight, which he interprets as doing a DJ set online for free. Summer is struggling with the responsibility of her diabetes so Billy helps by abandoning her. As Tyrone prepares to bury Kirsty, and juggles a very tentative relationship with Fiz, Alina questions how committed he is to her pregnancy, given his reaction to the massive photo and tattoos. Leanne gets shoes and candles for her special birthday. Natasha hasn’t fixed the sinkhole yet. Everyone’s back.

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