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An unofficial Coronation Street catch-up podcast

June 19, 2021

June 17, 2021 - The Messier the Better

Tyrone’s Michigan State t-shirt may be destined for only one viewing as Alina takes him off to buy a shiny new wardrobe with lots of zips but no socks. Gemma and Chesney find themselves on different pages when it comes to Aled’s cochlea implant operation and seek the advice of a complete stranger to break the impasse. Mary is an unexpected ally for Bernie in matters of the heart. Billy spends the week being overly interested in Summer’s diet while she is slamming back the energy drinks as the pressure of exams begins to take its toll on her comprehension of Romance languages. ITV Stefan has signed the shortest lease in history as Leanne and Nick move back to Victoria Court, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sharon and any number of Harvey's backup goons. Dev’s shoes are all squelchy. Todd is used to hearing si, señor. Tommy O is forceful with selfies.

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