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May 14, 2022

May 13, 2022 - Pouty Pigeon (Blame COVID)

Well, it looks like Gav picked a decent time to catch the COVID and for us to miss a podcast for the first time since Christmas 2019, as this week’s Corrie didn’t exactly set the heather alight. Until we get to speak to you all again next week, these are a few of the things that we would’ve spent some time talking about, so feel free to imagine how that would’ve sounded:

  • Abi’s nail perfection
  • Abi’s inability to hide
  • Ben handily announcing the time and place of his drugs deal right outside the law office
  • Can Alfie please just go into care now?
  • Aadi being a wonderful friend
  • Fiz’s fancy big house
  • Tim and Kirk sharing a scene and it being impossible to tell them apart
  • Aggie whistleblowing to Peter rather than her boss and then having a crisis about her name getting mentioned later in the week
  • Mary’s light saber skills
  • Peter not taking a moment to appreciate the bigger picture and instead takes to vaping and talking to himself in the community garden
  • Aaron’s obvious own eating disorder
  • So how many people work in the factory sales department now?
  • Evelyn being the best granny ever

We’ll hopefully be COVID-free and back next week with more The Talk of the Street. 


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