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May 15, 2021

May 14, 2021 - Best Bum Cream

No amount of veggie lasagna is going to get Kelly out of the trouble she’s in, particularly when ITV Corey manages to distance himself from the situation. It takes Tyrone most of an episode to realize that everyone he’s currently living with has had a relationship with Seb. Summer worries that she could have done more to prevent the attack on Nina and Seb, and no one really disagrees too strongly. Ed is convinced that the best thing for everyone would be if he moved out of his own house, took his circular saw with him, and went to visit Aggie for a while. Daniel is just about competent enough to tutor Sam ahead of his vital Oakhill entrance exam. Abi is determined to get justice and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process, including Nina who is already blaming herself enough for everyone. Billy blabs to Laura the Chin. Michael had problems with his winkle. Jenny doesn’t accept benefits in kind.

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