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May 21, 2022

May 20, 2022 - ASBO Omelette

Imran tempts fate by nipping to the office ahead of Alfie’s Naming Ceremony as Elliot prepares to make strong allegations. Fiz is nervous enough ahead of a dinner date with Phill and his friends and she’s sent rushing out of the restaurant when details of her past come out over the poppodums. It’s a big week for Max as he discovers his fate from the judge for spiking Amy’s drink and learns which school he’ll be attending after being expelled from Weathy High. Daniel is encouraged to apply for the permanent teaching role at school but issues with his family weigh heavy on his mind. Jacob’s personal hygiene issues give Eileen the fright of her life. Tim wins a romantic couple’s overnight getaway at one of Debbie’s hotels and orders some medicinal enhancement for the occasion. Gail likes Carry on Screaming. The Edinburgh Trip was a success. Michael needs podcast recommendations.

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