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May 22, 2021

May 21, 2021 - Lamb Chunks

Daisy is like a bloodhound when she realizes there’s been chemistry going on in the Rovers that no one’s told her about. Homeless Carol makes a shock return and is quickly established as a pawn in Sean’s pyramid scheme shenanigans. Natasha’s had about as much of the sinkhole as she’s prepared to take and offers to fix it, while the residents of Number 8 behave like they were waiting for her to do so. Asha reveals a cunning plan to get ITV Corey to admit to the role he played in Seb’s murder. Tyrone and Alina plan to buy a flat they spend half a week complaining about, as Hope and Ruby go shoeless. Cathy has taken to collecting old pizza boxes while Tim’s Mum worries that all the hot flushes in the house could heat the entire street. Steve falls off his bike and his face lands in a bucket of grease. Sharon’s blatant attempts at espionage continue to go unnoticed while Sam does his best to kidnap himself as Gail wraps herself in seaweed. Dev Fabreezes himself. Ronnie’s shirt buttons don’t work. Aadi’s controller is with the luxury crisps.

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