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May 28, 2022

May 27, 2022 - Mighty Eight-Function Spray Nozzle

Tim makes yet another appointment with Dr Gaddas but this time, no really, he’s going to go to it, and to make sure, he drags Sally along with him. A mysterious whistleblower to the council forces Amy and Jacob to abandon their scummy flat and move in with Steve and Tracy. Summer continues to push herself too hard ahead of her exams and once again fails to properly manage her diabetes for fear of gaining weight. Daisy makes it clear to Daniel that she misses him but points out that nothing can happen between them while another woman’s bra is drying on his radiator. Hope throws a sickie and discovers Phill’s secret, taking her revenge with a digger. Craig has an impossible time as he attempts to predict Faye’s mood and he succeeds in constantly saying the wrong thing to her. Sean has a bad date with a man and his hamster farm, and almost fails to see his Mr Right when he walks right under his nose. Abi’s plans are gaining pace while Imran and Toyah receive an unexpected offer from Social Services regarding Elsie. Jacob knows a thing or two about kid’s TV. Tyrone prefers the gentle setting. Shona sings ABBA.

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