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May 29, 2021

May 28, 2021 - Three Downward Dogs

Sam’s disappearance brings Nick and Leanne back to the street where mild peril and Natasha, determined to do the sensible thing, await them. Tyrone and Alina are excited about buying coffee-related goods for the flat while Evelyn is determined to make him and his mid-life crisis as miserable as possible. Daisy’s plan to blackmail Ronnie all the way to Double Glammy Successville backfires when she misjudges Jenny’s tolerance. Steve is confronted by the ne’er-do-well who caused last week’s bike accident and both he and Emma are surprised for different reasons to discover that he’s the old version of Todd but from 1999. A workplace accident puts Evelyn out of commission and has Dev and Bernie dancing to her tune to avoid legal action. Nina is conflicted to learn that Seb’s funeral is tomorrow and Abi has kept it secret from her, while Asha continues to work her way to the truth of ITV Corey’s involvement in the murder. Adam and Daniel enjoy pints while discussing their suitability to be Peter’s liver donor. Johnny’s eyesight in prison can’t have been that bad as he immediately recognizes Sharon from visiting Harvey, and Gary is only happy to confirm the connection. Cerberus gets his biscuits. David checks the Red Rec. Everyone gets a haircut.

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