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May 4, 2019

May 3, 2019 - Sausage Rolls For Heads

It’s our 50th episode! As far as meaningless milestones is concerned, that’s a pretty big one so to celebrate, we interviewed the lovely Glenda Young from the Coronation Street Blog. That comes at the end of our recap of a bunch of episodes where Ken, it seems, has never been to an alcoholics anonymous meeting before and it’s unlikely he’ll ever get invited back as The Bank of Claudia comes to the rescue once again, Imran has his nose punching fists on and woe betide anyone who gets their nose in the way of it, and Tracy reveals herself to be something of a quinoa expert at Sally’s fancy dinner party for Tim’s new health regime, but what on earth has he tried to sneak into the cab office from Dev’s? Meanwhile, Polish builder Jan has no shortage of woman courting him for his attentions, but his habit of lying instead of telling uncomfortable truths will probably mean he has to open an account at the florists, for some reason the writers are ignoring the DNR notice on the Chesney / Gemma relationship and we go around the houses one more time while Gemma looks for somewhere new to live, and an old character reappears with an urn in a handbag.

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