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November 20, 2021

November 19, 2021 - My Very Own Pants

A combination of bad luck and bad decisions sends Kelly out of the frying pan that is prison, and into the fire of the Weatherfield streets. Fiz insists she’s not jelly of Tyrone and his upcoming date with Isla, maintaining that all of Hope’s future friendships hang in the balance. The day of Johnny’s funeral has arrived and with it comes the revelation that his will makes no mention of Kate, which is fine because she couldn’t be bothered to turn up, or Michelle, which is also fine. The Wheels of Justice in Weatherfield, which can grind as slowly as evolution when they need to, get a kick up the backside when Tim remembers that Faye is still in prison and is still sort of innocent. Roy continues to worry that his actions during Horror Nation Street may have indirectly led to Natasha’s death. Summer continues to help Max with his studies and he reveals that he’s been working on a film he is keen to show her. Leanne urges patience. Jenny ain’t sayin Daisy is a gold digger. Fiz’s spare pants drawer is squeaky.

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