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An unofficial Coronation Street catch-up podcast

October 2, 2021

October 1, 2021 - Corn Removal Tool

The fallout from Daniel’s wallet theft forces David to go down the path of family allegiances, which has unfortunate and predictable consequences. Nina tries to put events behind her and move on with her life by applying to fashion college, but ITV Corey’s promotion to the Weathy County first-team keeps dragging her back. Audrey is still hurting from Rita’s perceived betrayal last week so Gail arranges for a family get-together to belatedly celebrate her birthday and nothing could possibly go wrong. Grace’s insistence on her snag list being attended to is beginning to wear down Ed, which forces the Bailey’s to turn to a somewhat obvious source for a solution. Sally remembers that the Parking Regulation Campaign is still a thing and begins harassing legally parked council members. Kelly is due to be sentenced for Seb’s murder while Imran’s lies from Verdict Week begin to come home to roost. Mrs Crawshaw will sort everything out. Kev taps into his inner Bruce Lee. Everyone ignores Aggie.

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