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September 18, 2021

September 17, 2021 - Your Accidental Fiancée

Kelly gradually comes to terms with her situation and makes a new friend on the inside, while a guilty Imran is out of pocket on her psychiatric care. Distraught from last week’s verdict, Abi breaks up with Kev and disappears to her cousin’s. Alina puts in the hard hours to fix her relationship with Hope which leads to the unearthing of some troubling history. Craig discovers that doing the right thing late doesn’t easily remedy doing the stupid thing quickly and James is less than impressed to hear that his conscience eventually got the better of him. Aadi accuses Dev of not caring about his new relationship with Summer and then within 12 hours regrets ever mentioning anything. Ken returns to badmouth Norris with Rita in the cafe and then isn’t phased when later the same day, Norris dies. Max With a New Head is having problems at school and is making life difficult for newly-instated teacher Daniel. Speed Daal’s financial problems continue, and then escalate to such an extent that two old characters and a tarantula are coaxed out of the shadows. Jimmy’s movements are like clockwork. Phil's Merc has impeccable service history. Tim’s Mum starts abbreviating things.

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