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September 25, 2021

September 24, 2021 - Charlie Big Potatoes

In the Nazir house, suspicions are still heightened over Zeedan’s return and the source of his funds, and also why Simon is hanging around like a bad smell. Seeing Summer in a stressed state about her university application, Daniel offers to help her outside of school which insults David that he never showed any willingness to help Max. A visit from Shazza buoys Kelly’s spirits about her dad’s whereabouts until she learns that her new bestie on the inside has knowledge of Rick the Chin that would suggest he was far more than a loan shark. Ed is working himself into an early grave to attend to all the snags on Grace’s list for the new house. As the street prepares to say a final farewell to Norris Cole, Ches and Bernie’s dismissive attitudes towards the deaf community drive Freda toward something rash. Billy does some proper vicaring. The Alleyway of Doom claims another victim. PC Tinker has never been so confused.

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